Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not only am I a wuss but I’m old as well

I have pictures somewhere of our house but I’m too sore and tired to go get the camera. We are sitting by the fireplace and recovering from a frantic couple of days of working from dawn till long after dusk. I think I’m getting to old for this.

I had Gus and his crew down the latter half of the week and he helped put together our dormer and gable end wall. In between us shooting the breeze and throwing sheeting off the top of the roof for old times sake (it was around 100 km winds today so those sheets pretty well ended up in Saskatchewan) we actually got a lot done.

It started out like we were destined to sit around a fire cooking hotdogs all day but none the less we persevered and somehow got the gable end wall up and looking fairly straight.

I only had one injury today. I just so happen to shoot a nail into my fore finger. Gus told me about 10,000 times not to use the air nailer the way I was so when I shot myself I just winced and bit my tongue. No way was I going to prove him right on what an uncoordinated, unskilled, and completely useless helper I was. It only bled a wee little bit although I did leave a red trail on quite a few trusses for a while. I hope my tetanus shots are up to date.

The deck is almost done as well thanks to Milly and Greybeard. It looks fabulous. I’m pretty impressed with Milly’s building skills. I’ve never known her to be a construction worker but she’s totally a master builder now.

This whole house building process has been one of the most painful experiences we have gone through together but we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We think. I can hardly wait to have just one day of relaxation without feeling the pressure to get things done before we have no place to stay for the winter.

We were supposed to have another crew come in on Monday and sheet the place but they are telling us they are a week behind (or two) so we are stuck working on the place ourselves for a while longer. We are just hoping our luck keeps holding on with the weather. Just a couple more weeks and we will have the place sheeted and the tin put on. We hope. (Any of you know anyone that puts on sheeting and tin around our part of the woods?)

Next up is putting up the over hanging roof off of the wrap around deck. We’ve never built anything like that before but how hard can it be?

I’ll find that camera tomorrow and maybe post a few pictures if I can walk tomorrow. This is what happens when you pretend to be young and smart when you are actually old and stupid.

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