Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wind, Rain, Snow, and Sun

I’m pretty sure we saw all the elements last Saturday as we put up roof trusses for our place. The day started out rainy and windy. I thought I was going to die the first time I lifted up a truss in the wind. Then it started to rain. Like I said, I’m pretty sure I saw snow but no one there believed me so maybe I’m just exaggerating like usual.

trusses 002

Elvis was in the building and was a great help. I positioned him on the scaffolding near the edge of the wall. If anyone was going to fall 29 feet to the ground I thought it might as well be me.

trusses 005

The middle trusses are half trusses. The other side is going to be a dormer when all is said and done. We put them in wrong 3 times and Milly made me take them back out until I got it right. I finally decided to put them in with screws until she gave me the thumbs up then I used the air nailer. As I was doing that I somehow shot myself in the leg. The nail bounced off the joist hanger and nailed me just below the kneecap. Milly thought I was kidding until I showed her the blood. After that whenever I tried to use the gun everyone went running for the hills.

trusses 008

Is there any doubt of why I call him Rico Suave? Even when he’s ready to work like a dog he shows up in shades and a fancy shirt.

trusses 022

A close friend of ours was a trooper all day Saturday. I suppose I better give him a permanent name here. How about Otis? His wife Milo made him wear his steel toed boots which I’m sure eased the threat of smashed pinky toes. Although one time I almost shot a nail into his unprotected ear.

trusses 003

A full day Saturday and an afternoon on Monday got us this far. I still need to do the gable ends and the dormer but that will have to wait for a couple days as it’s raining like cats and dogs currently and is not supposed to break up until Saturday. Boo.

trusses 023 Oh ya, we just had Polly’s 2 year old birthday. I hate to admit it but we forgot to get her a present. Good thing Elvis and Shorty remembered. Polly was so pleased someone remembered her birthday that she was jumping up and down when Grandpa gave her the gift. We did manage to have cake and ice cream. Well, Dancing Queen actually was the one that remembered to make the cake. Ringo’s birthday is coming up in a few days and he’s already asking if he’ll get a present this year. All I can say is I hope someone remembers his birthday for his sake. ha.

trusses 035

Fresh whipped cream on chocolate cake for Polly’s birthday. She seems happy enough about it.

We are still hoping for another few weeks of good weather. I’ll take wind and sun but if it snows or rains for the next month we could be in trouble for getting into the place for the winter.

Gus says he’s coming down this weekend to help. I’m sure I’ll have a few stories to tell after the weekend.

Wish us luck.

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  1. Wow, Otis sure looks like a hard worker! I'm scared about the nail gun incident but Otis told me the less I know the better off I'll be!!