Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting there

The place is coming together. The shell is almost complete and we’ll start to put on the tin this Thursday. We are now hoping for the wind to stop and the weather to hold for just a few more days.

Do you notice anything different on this picture?


If you spotted the chimney you should get yourself a cookie.

We are now looking for a fire place to under that chimney. We plan on getting a masonry stove before next winter but need something to tie us over until then.

IMG_8053 I was up on the roof taking measurements for the tin. I’ve done a lot of asphalt shingles and even some cedar shakes but have never done tin before. It is amazingly complicated to measure exactly what you need so the tin people can send exactly the right parts and pieces to minimize all the cutting involved.

We thought we had a simple roof but it’s amazing how a dormer and overhanging porch tying into the roof will totally mess up everything.


I don’t suppose tin is that hard. At least I figure it can’t be that hard. Put a few purloins (not sure of that spelling. Auto correct did that so if it’s wrong blame Bill Gates) up and screw down right?


In the past couple of days we got the sheeting on the East gable and finished the porch roof. I think I did it right. Whenever anyone asks us why we built the place this way we usually say that we did it according to our plan. Which as you know is non existent really. ha.


So tin, electrical, plumbing, windows, concrete pad and then we are in for winter. Oh, and a fire place.

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