Saturday, November 12, 2011

Moving a grain bin with homemade skids

Since the wind was blowing 100 KM an hour and with snow on the horizon we decided it was time to find shelter for Rosebud. We started out the day trying to apply tin to our roof but grudgingly we shifted plans since a few of the the metal sheets almost decapitated the horse in the pasture a mile to the east of us.

Grey Beard went down to the river bottom and chopped down a couple of trees. Can you believe an 82 year old is still tromping around the woods cutting trees down? I hope I’m that spry when I get to that rip old age.

metal roof 031 We drilled out a hole in each tree and put metal bars through the holes. After doing that we chained them to the truck and dragged them to the grain bin in question.metal roof 033

I’m glad we don’t live in the city as we may have caused quite a few accidents as we dragged these through town. We actually dragged these 3 miles and didn’t pass a soul on the way to the grain bin.

metal roof 032

After jacking up the old grain bin we dragged the homemade skids under the bin.

metal roof 043

Anyone remember the last time we used these jacks? A brownie and a cookie if anyone can remember our teetering, harrowing efforts.

metal roof 042

These are Grey Beards jacks. I need to get some for myself so I can go around jacking up old grain bins whenever I want.

metal roof 041 

We tried grain bin dollies but they were too small for this beast. I’m glad the plan that finally worked didn’t end up with me squished at the bottom of a grain bin in the middle of the road.

metal roof 040

I would guess this grain bin is 50 years old. I hear these were quite popular in the early 1950’s.

metal roof 039

It may look like a small bin but it’s 16 feet wide and probably 12 feet tall.

metal roof 038 We started moving the bin in the mid afternoon and it took us until dark to get it underway.

metal roof 047

Here is a funny sequence of events. Our first attempt at pulling the grain bin with the truck.

We gave up with the truck and got Uncle Earl to get out the old tractor.

Here we go down to our temporary pasture with the old bin.

A neighbor called Dancing Queen today and mentioned she saw us moving an enormous structure down the road in the middle of the night yesterday. I guess we didn’t manage to go entirely unnoticed during our whole trip.

We cut open a door on the bin today and will bed it out for Rosebud tomorrow or the next day.

I’m thinking of painting the bin a nice and bright yellow or red and scrolling the word Rosebud over the door.

Maybe I’ll put all the extra roughed up and mangled tin on the top of the grain bin as long as I can find it in that horse pasture 3 miles east of the house.


  1. - Chicken Little (Inspector)November 14, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Bwaaak! I remember the last time you used those jacks! I thought we had condemned that "coop" but I saw it in another recent photo!

  2. The coop is still there but it now houses mice and flies.