Sunday, November 20, 2011

Already ice rink weather

Over the past several months I’ve spent most of my blog post time whining and complaining about how much work we are doing on our house. Once again another Saturday found us going down to the place to spend another several hours hammering and nailing whatever boards are still loose.

Well, I only had Ringo with me on this trip as we left all the women folk back at Greybeard and Dancing queens as they decided –22.9 was just a little too cold for them. Before we got started on our project for the day we decided to scoot around the place to look at the river and pond. Much to our surprise we found water frozen solid in several locations.

Ringo was pretty timid at first and he waited until I went out to the middle and jumped up and down a few times before the ventured out on his own.  The whole event reminded me of a Thumper and Bambi interchange. “Look Ringo, it’s frozen stiff. Thump, thump, thump.”

Ringo may be small but he sure is wise beyond his years. Here he is strolling around the pond.

tin on roof 003

I’ve spent the past 4 years building an ice rink in the back yard with forms and plastic. I’m super excited to find our pond frozen over already just waiting for a shoveling. The ice was smooth and slick (for a pond) and Ringo is already asking to get the hockey nets out.

tin on roof 002 I told Milly of our find and she all but threw me in the pond.

I think she is of the opinion that the ice is probably only an inch thick which is about as think as my skull. After taking a verbal beating for about an hour (OK, she only said “are you crazy?”), WE have decided to wait until after this week when it’s supposed to get up to +11c before we put the nets on the pond.tin on roof 004

Coming home we stumbled upon this view.

tin on roof 006

And and even more impressive view of Dancing Queen and Polly zonked out on the couch. It’s hard to sit around the fire all day and read stories to the little ones. In Dancing Queens defense, I think she had about 10 grandchildren scampering around the house causing all kinds of havoc.

tin on roof 005

I can hardly wait until next week when I can try the frozen pond again.

Now that the roof is almost on I’m starting to hope for freezing weather.

Anyone ready for an old fashioned skate on the pond besides me?


  1. It's downright AWESOME watching what you kids are doing down there. Hope ya don't mind me joggin' through yer yard Sat. mornin. we just spotted your blog site [totally fun and inspiring], and I had ta go snoop. BEAUTIFUL JOB ON THAT ROOF. lemme know if ya can use a pair of old well used hands.


  2. Wow, your very own ice skating pond. Reminds me of my childhood days in northern Illinois. The back of our yard and the neighbors create a tiny pond / huge puddle when it rained and freeze for skating when the temps dropped. Great photos, especially the last two. And I'm really enjoying quite a few of your former posts.

  3. Paul n Jan, feel free to run around the place and much as you like. If you ever feel the need to pour a basement, install a plumbing or electrical system or rough in the windows while you're running feel free to do that as well. ha.

    Leigh, Thanks for stopping by. It's an honor to have such and accomplished blogger stop by our neck of the woods. I refer to your blog often as we are trying to get everything arranged on our simple farm.