Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saving Radish Seeds

For the past few years I’ve had a big interest in saving seeds from our garden. I love the idea of saving seeds from plants that have thrived in the area they are planted. The idea is if seeds are propagated over time in one specific area the plants will develop to be perfectly suited for your local growing conditions.

The first seeds we are trying this routine out on is the feisty radish. Radishes grow quickly and seem to be relatively easy to harvest the seeds.

Here is the process.

We started with heirloom radish seeds. I'm told they have to be heirloom seeds or the seeds won’t germinate.

We let the radishes bolt or grow those funny little pods below. Just before the snow came we picked the batch below from our radish spot. porch 036

The radish pods have to dry so we left them for a couple of months. when we picked the pods they were dry and brittle.

porch 035porch 034

Greybeard taught us how to thresh. We basically crushed all the pods into a metal bucket.

porch 038

porch 037

After the pods were crushed, Greybeard blew a bit to get rid of all the chaff. We tried it out in the wind but it seemed to work better for us with the hot air spewing out below.

porch 039

We ended up with a good amount of seeds ready for next year. I’m thinking about trying the seeds out in our window sill. We should be able to see if this little experiment works. Then we’ll move onto bigger and better things to harvest seeds from.

    porch 040porch 041

Anyone else have any luck saving seeds?

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