Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sheeting is done

We have spent the last two months worried about our house being dumped on by ten feet of snow and basically halting our building for the entire winter. We have been very lucky/blessed to only have had a few episodes of rain and snow so far. And now we are almost to the point where we can put tin the roof.

We started building our deck as the roofline wraps into the ten on twelve pitch. The deck roofline is only a three on twelve pitch. We were hoping the contrast would make the large roof not look so intimidating.

porch 051

Dormer is completed along with all the sheeting. I still shake my head when I think about trying to put that together myself. There is a few things I am totally ignorant about and building a house is one of those things. I’m very surprised the place hasn’t fallen down yet.

porch 050 - Copy

I’ve talked about Gus before. Here’s a picture of him slaving away way past sunset. There was no wind so we put up the floodlights and worked until we heard all the coyotes howling at the moon.

porch 048 - Copy

Gus dragged down a member of his framing crew and made him work on our place. How about I give him a name. Everyone meet Taco Bell. Taco for short. Taco wants to open a Mexican restaurant but is framing in the mean time. He’s actually been framing in the mean time for the past 4 years now but eventually he says he’s going to open a restaurant as he’s not really a framer.

porch 046 - Copy

Here on the simple farm we actually have a burning bush as you can see below. At least that’s what I thought when I saw this picture of our flood lights.

porch 069

We completed the over hanging porch tonight and got it sheeted. Milly said I was bossy and grumpy all day. I guess that’s what happens when she makes me work so hard.

porch 065 - Copy

The day after we finished up the sheeting this is what I came out to. Snow flying everywhere but most of it stayed out of the house thanks to the sheeting. I’ve now completed the gable wall sheeting so hopefully that will help even more to keep out the snow.

I really like sheeting a house. It’s pretty easy and the plywood goes on super fast so it’s easy to feel like you are accomplishing a great amount in a short time. We sheeted the whole side of the roof in about 4 hours. For some reason just having the sheeting on the place gives a big sense of relief. We are hoping for tin next weeks and are crossing our fingers on weather and timing.

porch 057 - Copy

Not the warmest sight. Time is at hand when our lumber pile will be buried in snow.

porch 058 - Copy  Chimney gets installed on Tuesday so maybe with a combination of tin and fireplace we may have heat for our building endeavors.

We are not sure how we’ve transformed into a full fledged house. We started with thinking about roughing it in a Yurt now we are in full construction mode. Some days Milly and I both think we’ve made a mistake with building a house instead of keeping it really simple. This house better be around for 60 years to make up for this past year of pain and agony.

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