Friday, November 18, 2011

Tin is mostly on the log house

We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks. Every waking minute we’ve had has gone into the covering of this roof. We’ve brought in quite a few recruits to help and one professional. It’s amazing how tough it is to put on tin on a 10/12 pitch roof. We had harnesses and a helicopter (I wish) to get everything just right.

tin 001

The tin goes on fairly quickly as you put it on in vertical strips. I actually did all the measuring and had our tin supplier do up the strips in precut lengths. It worked pretty slick.

We decided to sheet the roof and put purlins on but we decided against putting down tar paper underneath. Some have said you don’t need to sheet the place and just put purlins down. Others say sheet it and put tar paper down. One person said put purlins down then sheet it overtop then put water and ice membrane then tin. I’m not really sure what is the correct way to do this so I’m hoping we guessed right.

tin 003

We vacillate back and forth on many of the decisions we are making. We do a lot of research and ask several people what they think. The terrible part is if you ask 10 different people we’ve found there is 11 different opinions on how things should be done. This whole building thing is a guessing game really.

tin 006 We finished late last night with the tin. It was really an amazing day at the place. We had a full on blizzard pour through and I thought the place was going to fly away.

We sold some small square bales in the morning and the people who loaded them up left the tarp loose over the remaining hay. When the blizzard came through I thought for sure the ferocious wind was going to send the tarp to Kansas.

During the snow storm we stayed inside and cut all the pieces for the dormer. Just as we got done cutting the last piece the snow storm blew through and the wind stopped. We had just enough light to finish a good part of the dormer and we ended it off under the bright lights.

We woke up this morning to the below. It is also a brisk –20 c on the thermometer. We finished the roof just in the nick of time I suppose.

tin 013

It’s supposed to get up to +11 c next week so hopefully I’ll have enough working time to put on ridge cap and close up the gables and eaves. Just  a few days longer and this place will weather proof for winter. (We’re hoping)

tin 011


  1. This place looks really good so far!

  2. Hi! My wife and I just found your blog. In fact, I typed 'debt free farm' into Google and found your blog! Check ours out: We live in Iowa and have a lot of the same ideals as you two, it seems. We'd love to do exactly what's happening in this post. Put up a good house of our own! Hopefully you enjoy our blog as well.

    Neal and Laura.