Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas activities on The Simple Farm

I can’t believe Christmas is over already. We had a ton of fun with a bunch of family. This is the first time in about 5 years we’ve been around the family for Christmas and we really enjoyed it.

Here’s Molly making sure Polly knows she likes her.

christmas 073

For some reason the girls ended up on top as the kids wrestled in the front room. Surprisingly no one got hurt. It was loud and wild but somehow everyone still ended up friends.

christmas 077

We ended up with some kind of mid evil theme this Christmas. The kids got ribbon sticks which they enjoyed. Ringo figured out it also acts like a bull whip so he’s cool with that.

christmas 063

We also made swords for everyone. We used this sword making instructions and they turned out rather nice. All the kids ran around beating on each other and chasing dragons around the house. Funny thing is these were pretty well free. We got the wood from the place we got some housing material and the guy just ripped us a 10 foot by inch wide piece of red oak and it was enough for 5 swords.

christmas 053

We also gave the kids bed sheets with rope and clothes pins so they can make their own tent. They decided to combine all the tents into one giant structure. Can you count all the kids under the tents?

christmas 079

We also went to a Christmas dance. Molly and Sugar (new addition to who’s who) danced up a storm in their Christmas dresses.

christmas 034

My kid is the one with the tongue sticking out. I think he’s tired of me with my camera out all the time. Sugar and Tulip on the other hand aren’t so used to it and decided to pose for the photo opp.

christmas 046

This reminds me of my old high school dances. Chairs along the wall are at a premium even at a family dance.

christmas 036

I tried to get Willow and Daisy out on the dance floor but they were too cool and pretty to dance with their old man uncle.

christmas 035

OK Willow, stop posing, we know you’re pretty. Put away that stinking phone and come dance with your uncle. I hear she’s single by the way fella’s. Although anyone wanting to date her has to go through 4 pretty mean uncles, a dad that knows karate, and a brother that shot a buck 450 feet away this hunting season (no joke).

christmas 048

We also went into Shorty and Elvis’s place. Shorty is playing a game with the kids here. I think she won. She’s ruthless in card games even with the youngsters. I think she was a card shark in her former days as I don’t ever remember beating her ever in Uno, Rook, Phase 10, etc. She has them all mastered. I even think she could be me at Solitaire if that is even possible.

christmas 066

To sum up Christmas, we ate a lot, played a lot and had a very nice time with almost all our immediate family (Missed seeing you Penelope and Sidney).

Only 363 more days until next Christmas.


  1. uumm... i am not Petunia i am tulip i am with my 1 favorit cousin and not so favorit cousin this was the BEST Christmas eve ever! well for me!and for Willow her uncles ARE NOT MEAN and trust me her dad is not that good at karate do not tell him i said that he will prodley groud me so please dont tell him!love tulip

  2. I must admit I'm not sure if I know what your name is now. I thought you were petunia but I guess it is now officially Tulip. Make sure you tell the real Petunia who she is.

    Just so you have the record straight, your uncles are mean and nasty especially to potential suitors of their neices. Better choose wisely when you date or I'll bust out my mean karate skills to back up your dad.

  3. The brother shot 2 deer the first at 480 YARDS not feet ,and the second one was at 503 yards. And I am mean and do know some martial arts.