Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cutting Molly’s Rapunzel hair

I didn’t think it would be that hard to cut our little girls hair. Molly has been begging for a hair cut the past couple of months. We’ve tried to put it off in the hopes she would forget and give up on that drastic notion.

We think she wants the hair cut because Ringo gets to watch a movie whenever he gets a hair cut. ha.

wind 001wind 002

Almost makes me want to cry to see the picture below. Poor old sentimental daddy.

wind 005

The below picture reminds me a lot of Molly’s Great Grandma. It’s the exact expression I’ve seen a thousand times when Great Grandma has that twinkle in her eye.

wind 003wind 004wind 006

The finished product. My little girl now has her first major haircut done and gone. If this is as wild as it gets I’ll count my lucky stars as I dread the day when there are pink highlights and belly rings to deal with.

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