Monday, December 12, 2011

Farm life is not always a bunch of roses

It’s been a rough couple weeks on The Simple Farm. I can’t even number all the disasters that have hit us as Milly may not approve of such intimate details. However, here are a few examples of what I mean.

You may remember this post where we take this lovely grain bin and haul it over to our place for a cow shed.

metal roof 047

Well, after hurricane strength winds hit us (I’m not joking here, 100 mph) we were decimated. Our hay pile is a mess along with an expensive bail tarp.

wind 008

And our once fabulous cow shed now looks like this.

sd 018

Oh, where did it go? Let me see…here it is. 50 meters away in a pile of rubbish.

sd 019

Our poor cows. Now they have to suffer through the –26c weather.

Monkey (the steer with horns) decided to start sucking again so we attached a calf weaner device. Serves him right. He’s a year old. Who in their right mind is still nursing after a year? That’s said tongue in cheek of course.

sd 016

Here’s an up close look at a calf weaner. It’s meant to stop the calf from getting to the udder. It works ok.

It was quite an adventure trying to insert this ridiculous contraption. I tried to rope the calf and stuff this thing in his nose. The kids and Milly were cheering for me and Ringo but after about 30 minutes of running around the pasture trying to get close to Monkey, Milly came out and tackled the calf to the ground while I inserted the device in properly.

wind 045

You can see the calf can still eat so we aren’t totally cruel.

sd 021

Minus 26 Celsius means no water from the hose. We now haul water from the tap and only put enough in the trough for the cows to suck down at that point in time.

sd 017

Milly has actually been feeding the cows and chickens as I’ve been away on business for pretty well two weeks. It sure is nice to have a better half that is tuff as nails as well. (most of the time that is. ha.)

And to top it all off, Ringo lost his front tooth just in time for Christmas. The other one is precariously close to coming out as well. sd 004

We’re hoping most of the natural disasters are behind us at this point. Surely one little farm can’t be plagued with too much more right?


  1. Too bad on the that you've had your share of disasters ...its over for the year right? Hope the tooth fairy visits your boy soon!!

  2. Wow! Very brutal. We're thankful here in Iowa to have had some warmer weather, but that does mean mud... in December!

  3. And by the way, beautiful house! My wife and I love the looks of your large porch. How did you come to the decision to build a log-cabin style house? (sorry if you already answered that in a previous post...)

  4. I certainly hope we are done for the year. Although next year is just around the corner.

    Neal and Laura - I'm not sure what I'd rather have. Snow or mud. I'm thinking snow but that's the Canadian coming out in me.

    We kind of fell into the log house. Check out: That explains it pretty well. We seem to have expanded our dreams from when we first decided on this. The big porch is one of those "Oh, we really need one of those" and then it takes a month to build.