Sunday, December 18, 2011

House progress

I haven’t updated anyone on the progress of the house lately mostly because by the time I get done working on the place at night it’s dark and the pictures don’t really turn out that well. We finished putting on a door for the main floor back entrance so now it almost feels like a real place. We finished the door in the dark so there is no picture of that.

We’ve also been working a lot on the basement the past couple of weeks. We are going to install radiant in floor heating in the basement so we’ve insulated the basement floor with 2 inch hard insulation. We will then lay rebar every two feet and attach the Pex piping to the rebar. I’m not sure if that’s the regular way it’s done but that’s the way we are doing it.

 Basement 024

Here is the sump pump hole. After digging this along with going underneath the footing to install a drain in the outside stairwell I am convinced I could have easily dug out the basement by hand. It would have taken a month or two but I don’t think it would have been that bad.

Basement 023 

Here’s a view of the south side of the place.  I like the brown tin. We were considering red tin but I’m glad we weren’t so bold. It may be warmer in the summer but hey, we are in Canada so we will take all the warmth we can get.Basement 025

Gus installed a chimney chase on a spare of the moment whim and shingled it with cedar shingles. It’s nice to have We will probably do the gable ends with the cedar singles as well. We are hoping that will match the house well.

Basement 026

We still have one long piece to install on the north side but we are leaving it until we finish putting up the chimney pipe and chimney cap. I’m hoping to do that in the next couple of weeks. We also left the west porch roof without tin so we could work on the gable end without having to slide off the tin.

Basement 027

Underneath the porch we are putting 4 inch pine soffit. Under the rest of the place we are going to put cedar. It takes a while to do but we think it looks pretty nice.

Basement 028

We started hoping to be into a simple place by last April. We then adjusted to this log home and was hoping to be in by October. After missing that deadline we hoped to be in by Christmas. That’s not going to happen now but we are thinking we might be in by the end of January.

I suppose we may miss that deadline as well but I’m thinking if it’s not ready by then I’ll just move in anyways. I’m sure I could survive with some warm blankets. At least I’ll have a door on the place to keep the coyotes out.


  1. Looking good Doug! Excellent idea to do the radiant heat in the floors. That's one of the best ways to stay warm.

  2. Looking awsome!Am I right?

  3. You are right Petunia. It's looking awesome. It's kind of unbelievable a person as unskilled as me is doing all this fancy wood working stuff. Maybe you should come out and I could put you to work helping.

  4. Hey that soffit looks great! Totally beats cutting tin!