Friday, December 16, 2011

If you ever need a professional mover, I’m your man

I am honestly feeling like I’ve found my calling in life. After the big wind blew our grain bin/cow shed away we started looking for other accommodations for our bovine. The funny thing is it only took us a day to find this beauty. Not sure why everyone has spare buildings they are willing to part with but we are grateful none the less.

lips 004

You can see the beloved Jackall in it’s trusty place. I really need to get my own set. To move buildings you pretty well need two of them. Luckily Grey Beard has a set and quite graciously lets me use them…Along with his 4x4 truck. I need to get one of those as well.

lips 005

I tied onto the shed with some chains. I need to get my own set of those as well. Boy I’m a mooch.

lips 006

You can see here that I pulled a couple of posts out of the frozen tundra. I was surprised I didn’t snap the post in two.

lips 007

The new cow shed is now in it’s place although it’s a little short for a full sized cow. We may start looking for another bigger options but for now at least it cuts the wind and gives something for Rosebud to scratch against.

I figure if we do find something that will work better this shed can be an additional chicken house or something.

And then I’ll get to move another building. There could be worse talents to have.


  1. I had the same experience of moving things this year. We moved an old small shed for the third time on the farm I grew up on. Now it's going to be turned into a garden storage shed (already has our canoe in it!)

    A couple people in the area have given old sheds away, and later regretted it... watch out! People might want them back.

  2. I always have my eyes out for solid looking older buildings that may be in the way of the current owner.

    I like older buildings better than new ones. I like the history that comes with them and the spectacle it creates when I'm hauling an old building down the middle of the road.

  3. Right on! I think the exact same way. In our area, there's so many old buildings being left to fall apart... The history of the few buildings I've come to know well enough fascinate me. This is partly why my wife and I would love to restore an old farm house in the future - but it may not be in the cards...