Monday, January 16, 2012

Claiming territory on the farm

Maddox brought his two hound dogs down to inspect our work this past weekend. It just so happened that Gus left his pouch right in the middle of hound dog territory.

I’m not sure what Gus did to get that pouch back on but I’m sure Gus’s wife didn’t know his hands had been touching hound dog drizzle.

photo (1)

I told Maddox’s wife about the whole event and she said “He’s lucky he didn’t get the triple treatment. One dog will pee on something then the other dog will pee on it then the original dog will come around for another go.”

Nothing like staking your claim on another man’s property.

The above event reminded Milly’s whole family of the time their black lab staked his claim on a visiting salesman at their front door. The salesman was so intent on his sales pitch he didn’t even notice the 100 lb dog claiming him for his prize. All the little kiddies were busting up laughing while Greybeard didn’t even crack a smile…until after he gave the salesman a nice stiff arm see you later and shut the door with a grin and said, “Did you see what Zeus did to that poor guy?”

Now that’s really staking your claim.

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