Monday, January 30, 2012

Ferdinand the bull

I waited nine months to experience helping Rosebud go through the birthing process and after all that time I missed it. I was down working on our house when Greybeard came down and said I needed to head home for the big event.

I jetted home and opened up the cow shed and to my surprise I found this little bundle of joy.

kutch camera 678

Blast. Bad timing on my part.

Milly was coming out of the house with a pail of warm water and molasses for the new mother and she gleefully said “You missed all the excitement.”

At least one of us were there.

kutch camera 676

Rosebud’s motherly instincts came immediately out in her and she started licking the calf clean.

kutch camera 683

Molly was incredibly interested in the process. Rosebud wasn’t defensive or protective around us so it was really nice to have the kids there. But Molly spent the most time fussing over the calf.

kutch camera 679

He’s a cute little tyke.

kutch camera 677

I’ll get some pictures of him all cleaned up but thought I’d at least make the official announcement of our newest Simple Farm member: Ferdinand the Bull Calf.


  1. is the baby a girl or a boy? what are you gonna name him or her?he or her looks so weird!love tulip

  2. What a great looking guy! At this age, CUTE works! Sorry you missed all the fun. Sounds like Milly did alright and Molly looks as proud as Rosebud!
    How about you, DAD? Was it worth the wait? Ya, I'm sure it was!

  3. We like him. We really wish he was a heifer. We were hoping to have an eventual replacement for Rosebud as she's getting older. Maybe next time.

  4. how old is he?love tulip

  5. He was born the afternoon of the 25th. So almost a week old.