Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wish I really was a cowboy

My day of triumph and round one can be found here.

My not so glorious day is following.

Monkey our one year old steer is a nuisance at best. He keeps Rosebud company which is one of his most redeeming qualities but the fact that he’s still trying to suck on his momma is a huge issue for us. Rosebud is ready to calve at any moment and the year old calf is still itching to be the newborn.

The calf weaner we’ve found comes in two sizes and the last one Milly bought was smaller than the first and doesn’t really work that well.

So I jimmy rigged the two together and went out to the pasture full of confidence in my abilities to attached the blasted contraption.

I think that silly steer must have the memory of an elephant. As soon as I walked in the gate he jetted for the other side of the planet. I spent several minutes circling the area just trying to get close.

After about an hour I finally got the steer pinned down and switched the device.

I was sweating and cussing at that ornery creature but when I got off him he just stayed put. I’m not sure if I hurt him when I tackled him but he just laid there for 15 minutes. I finally figured out what was wrong. I had chased him for almost an hour and I think I tuckered him out.

I pulled on his tail for a while and finally got him to stand up. I was a little nervous I had wounded him so was relieved when he finally peeled himself off the ground.

As I finally walked in the house after my long ordeal Milly smiled once again and said “Bet you wish you were a cowboy”.


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