Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radiant infloor heating in the basement

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting prepared to have our basement poured. We put 2 inch rigid insulation on the ground after covering it with 6 mill poly.

roof 124

We then laid rebar every 2 feet in a grid pattern. All the contractors around here gasp and moan when they hear we did rebar instead of wire mesh. I’ve hear both arguments for wire mesh versus rebar and we chose the later. Hopefully the house doesn’t fall down because of it which sometimes seems like the likely scenario according to some people.

Our good friend and plumber pulled out his pex distributing contraption. It worked really well to spread our 700 feet of line.

roof 123

We put in three zones and laid out the line about every foot all around the desired areas.

roof 126

We attached the lines with plastic ties on every cross piece of rebar which is ever two feet.

roof 129

The three zones all end at our mechanical room. The plumber attached a pressure test and we pumped up each line to around 110 lbs pressure.

roof 132

I’ve been told the lines will have around 8 to 15 lbs pressure when the system is up and going. Which is good as one line is leaking right now and I don’t think we are going to fix it.

roof 133I’m just kidding, kind of. There is a leak but it’s at the end of the line so it will be easy to fix. Anyone notice anything odd in the completed system above? As you can see there is three zones. The pipe above is made for six so three of them are capped or ready to add a few more zones for our main floor.

We are hoping to do something neat for our system like we’ve found here at builditsolar.com. We’ll see if we are that brave and handy when the time comes to actually set the system in working order.

We are hoping to pour the basement this week if all our duck line up in a row.

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