Monday, January 23, 2012

Tentative yearling

If you remember my escapades as a cowboy you can understand our yearlings uneasy feeling with me around. Here is Monkey checking me out from a distance. He actually came with that name. I would have probably named him something more fitting such as Angus or Patty.

(If you are vegan, vegetarian or of the more civilized position I sympathize. We don’t really eat a whole lot of meat. We have decided to limit our beef intake to pasture fed and finished animals from local sources. That usually constitutes $6 per lb hamburger which mostly tells you why we limit our meat intake.)cow progress 028

We’ve been checking on our cow every couple of hours for the past several days it feels like. Rosebud is progressing but she is still great with calf. One of the nice things that has happened in the progress is that Monkey and I have made friends. He even came up close and sniffed around for treats.

cow progress 024

As you can see, one sniff and all those nightmares came back and he started to lower those horns in defence.

cow progress 025

Just kidding. He’s a great pet.

cow progress 021

I kind of feel bad now that I’ve made friends with Monkey. He’s awfully forgiving and unsuspecting. But he’s an awfully big pet and I’m tired of $6 per lb hamburger.


  1. Just your Blog and have started back at the start and will read up to the present. may take some time, but that is what us "Blog Junkies" do!
    One question for now, What the he.. is that thing in his nose? never seen one before!

    1. I've never heard of one before I started looking for a solution to my yearling still trying to suck our cow. You'll like the posts when I attempted to put that dang thing in.

      Thanks for stopping by.