Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What does a man know about being in labour?

I think I’ve cried wolf about Rosebud going into labour about ten times so far. Milly was quite annoyed with me one night as I woke her up and assured her now was the time. In a sleepy grog Milly adorned her –35 c garb and trudged out to the cow shed with me. Rosebud, who was in full on labour when I was out there just a few minutes previous had stood up and was quietly munching on some hay.

I swear if Milly wouldn’t have come out that dang calf would have been born. Look at Rosebud’s hind end here. It was bulging and her breathing was laboured and rhythmic.

cow progress 050

At least it sounded like she was in Labour. Milly just grunted at me and said “What do men know about being in labour?”

That’s become our motto these past few days. Milly often goes out and soothes and comforts Rosebud in her time of need. Milly has cleaned out Rosebuds confines about 50 times and has piled no less then 40 feet of straw in the castle for Rosebud’s comforts.

I’m still the designated cow checker in the middle of night and it seems like whenever I go out Rosebud is just about ready to explode but after about 2 weeks of checking I’ve finally figured out Rosebud’s breathing patterns in the middle of the night.

Milly is incredulous of my lack of sensitivity or knowledge and often exclaims “If you’ve ever been pregnant you’d know…. how hard it is to breathe when trying to sleep” or “how hard it is to walk” or “how much you want to eat.”

I’m sorry (and happy at the same time) to say I sure am glad I don’t know how it feels to be pregnant.

Here are some pregnancy progress pictures.

cow progress 004

The ligaments have receded near the tail and I can fit pretty well my whole hand in there.

cow progress 002

Still a bulging butt.

cow progress 052cow progress 047

I’m not sure if this looks to big but her bag is getting very large.

cow progress 044

More bulging butt pictures.

cow progress 043cow progress 040cow progress 039

Getting bigger.

cow progress 038

cow progress 036

You can see the bag getting bigger here.

cow progress 035

Ouch, the above looks almost painful.cow progress 016

3 am in the morning checking out the cow.

cow progress 032

When Rosebud lays down it gets rather scary. It looks like all her insides are going to fall out. They don’t but it looks that way. Once again, “If I knew anything about labour” this probably wouldn’t scare me.

cow progress 056

More swelling.

cow progress 057

She almost looks like she’s going to tip over here. It is interesting to see Rosebud move around the pasture. She pretty well hobbles around. When she turns she takes tiny steps with legs spread out about 3 feet apart. Poor girl.

I’m guessing she is going to calve today with all the signs we are seeing.

But hey, what do I know about being in labour?

Everybody wish Rosebud luck with me.


  1. Holly, Big bag, Batman! The pictures make me glad that God did not make me a cow! Just walking around must hurt, not to mention labor pains! But cows have been doing this for a lot of years! And she will pop when she pops!

  2. that looks so gross love tulip