Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to expect when your cow is expecting

For the past several days we have anxiously been studying Rosebud’s rear end with anticipation of enlarging and swelling. We are told that’s what happens when a cow is ready to calve. I can’t honestly say what that is going to look like as both Milly and I have no experience with helping a cow to calve and have never seen this phenomenon. But we are learning what to expect when a cow is expecting.

I’m not sure most people will be all that anxious to see the pictures that I have on display for the next few days as the pictures will probably relate to the back end of a 1000 lb pregnant lady.

You have been warned. If you read past this line it is of your own volition and I have no liability if any of you fall nose first into your keyboard from a faint head.

This is a picture of Rosebud’s rear end as of a few days ago. If you can’t figure it out, that is Rosebud’s tail and her manure factory below that. It’s not usually swelled like that or nearly as colourful.

house winter 033I hope Rosebud will forgive me from posting such indignant and immodest pictures of her. house winter 034

Another way we are told you can tell when a cow is ready to give birth is by the ligaments between her tail and hip bone. These ligaments are supposed to relax and a large hollow is supposed to develop. It’s getting there. The ligaments used to be near the start of the tail and have now receded to where my fingers are touching.

house winter 032

As most feminine creatures the mammary glands are supposed to swell. After a few months without milk we now see her bag swelling and expanding. It’s a site for sore eyes. Not sure if Rosebud feels the same way.

house winter 042

We made it past a cold snap without having to deal with a calf. At 6:16 pm a few nights ago the temperature gauge stopped working at –30 c. I hear it got down to –35 c that night. It’s sad when –14 c feels like a nice spring morning. We hear cows have a tendency to calve when a big storm comes through so we feel very fortunate that we didn’t have this happen in –30 degree weather.

I’ll keep everyone informed about Rosebud’s progress. Hopefully soon I’ll be telling how I helped Rosebud to breathe slowly and bounce softly on a birthing ball.

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  1. Birthing is always an exciting time! Praying all goes well.