Saturday, January 14, 2012

Windows, gable end, and dormer

We had Gus’s crew down this week to help on the house. Milly headed south to get our windows with Doc’s trailer and Gus and the Gang started installing.

roof 149

We are doing cedar soffit and cedar shingles to cover the gable end walls.

gable end 010

This is a normal sight. Gus on the ground inspecting the work being done all around him.

gable end 009

In his defense he did pour our basement with his dad and they were finishing the concrete while we were working on the gable ends.

gable end 033

Gus left me to my own devices on this dormer. That's not entirely true. We did the soffit together and he left me to do the cedar shingles on the dormer.

You can see the benefits of Milly’s hard work in trying to get our house positioned due south. The sun comes in the windows most of the day and warms up the house quite nicely. We just need to get windows in the main floor now. We are still waiting to get those cut in.

gable end 034

There was a lot of cutting to do which Milly and Molly did all afternoon. Molly, our two year old, sat and ate cookies and handed me stuff out the window. It’s fun to see the little ones be excited to help build our house.

We are a pretty good team. Anyone need expert cedar shingle installers? We hire out two year old out at $30 an hour. She’s worth her weight in gold. As you can see, we tired her out today.

Basement 011

Back to a few more pictures.gable end 035

The picture below is my favorite. You can see the cedar soffit really well along with the finished look.

gable end 036 It was a fairly good week in relation to the house. I think we are onto insulation next. Might be a good idea as the weather looks to finally be turning cold. We’ve been very blessed so far with how good the weather has turned out this year.

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