Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Loft floor

We started working on the loft floor. We had a local producer saw up a bunch of 2” planks and had another local outfit plane, tongue and groove the material. It’s hopefully going to be strong enough to span the 5’ spacing between the logs that will hold up the loft.

loft 014

Ringo took all these photo’s. OK for a seven year old.

loft 011loft 015

I’m hanging out on one of the logs trying to chisel out the old looking wood before the floor is on.

loft 017loft 010

We ran out of useable material. A lot of the material had loose knots and pretty bad cracking. We are taking it back and getting better stuff done up. The local saw mill guy was good to tell us to bring it back. He has a good reputation around the area and has been really good to work with. Too bad we have to get the material planed again. At least we won’t have to live with empty knot holes into our loft.

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