Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rosebud has the fever

Jersey cows are prone to get what’s called Saturday Night Fever. They dance around and moooove to the groove like the pasture is a dance floor.

I wish. After calving Jersey’s often get what’s called Milk fever. The Jersey cow has been bred to give so much milk it take a severe toll on the cow’s body. The calcium level in the cow drops significantly and it’s life threatening if not treated appropriately.

We had been pretty worried about it as Rosebud had the fever with her last calf. Once the fever has been had it more prone to come back in spades the next time around.

We did a bunch of reading. Called the previous owner of the cow who also said Rosebud didn’t come down with the fever until 3 days after the calf was born. Not cool when you have to check on the cow every 2 hours for 3 days.

Everything was going well with the new calf for the first 24 hours. Calf was thriving and we were keeping a close eye on Rosebud in case she caught hold of that dreaded fever. I went out at 2 am to check things over and I found a delirious momma laying on the ground. I tried to get her up and she just stumbled and laid there all dozy eyed. She had the classic S shape to her neck. I red about that S shape but it was really unnerving to see it in person.

So we called the vet and he came out in the middle of the night to administer the saving elixir. Two bottles of calcium later Rosebud was up twitching around. The calcium make all the muscles twitch in the cows body. It looked like she was freezing at first then it looked like a massive seizure.

It’s been a few days now and Rosebud seems to be back to her normal self. Eating a ton and expelling a ton as well.

She even has a gait to her step and she munches in time to all the disco music we have blasting from our house. You see, around here, cows aren’t the only one to get the fever.

Long live JT.


  1. I was worried at first, reading that Rosebud had the fever! What would it cost to get a "Red Dress" made for her?
    Then as I read a little further on, I realized that it was "Miik Fever"! Must be a great Vet, to come out at all hours of the night (exspensive too!?). Glad he had the ELIXIR!
    Tell Rosebud to take it easy for a few days and you might consider that "RED DRESS" anyway!

  2. It was a couple hundred dollars but I'd rather pay that then loose the cow. Everything is expensive if you can't produce it or do it yourself.