Monday, February 6, 2012

What a Jersey/Dexter calf looks like

Ferdinand was born January 25th so he is just shy of two weeks old. He’s frisky, friendly and energetic. He does about 15 laps around the cow shed after he’s had his meal time fill. calf 018 We have been letting him suck while we milk out the other side. We are doing so against most advice from all the cow men around. Most people we have talked to separate the calf at birth. One friend suggested we let him suck the same side every milking and milk out what’s left. That way the calf feeds itself without any added time on our part. I’m all for less time so we opted for this strategy. It’s been working out great so far.calf 006 calf 007

Dexter’s come in three colours. Black, brown, and red. Red being the most rare. We thought Ferdinand was red but he looks more brown.

calf 010

Dexter’s only get around 4 feet tall so they are a lot smaller of an animal than Jersey’s.

calf 011

Rosebud has an incredibly active tongue. Ferdinand is the cleanest beast this side of the Mississippi.

calf 013

While I was milking Rosebud tonight she expelled manure four times in the course of ten minutes. She also made it rain once. I’m not sure what I did to her to deserve such ill treatment tonight but I was ducking for cover in the midst of trying to perform my milking duties. They say a full grown Jersey gets rid of 65 to 80 lbs of manure a day. I think that’s on the low side for our beauty.

calf 014

Ferdinand has blue eyes. Fits in quite well with our family.

calf 015

Moo. Rosebud’s nose is looking quite moist. It’s nice to see. When she had the fever her nose was really dry.

calf 016

Ferdinand galloping around the pens.

calf 017

My niece was asking about the calf, thus the dedicated post on the calf. There you go Tulip. Hope you like the photo’s of the calf.


  1. Not a bad idea! I've also heard of some farmers separating the cow from the calf for half of each day, and only having to milk the cows once per day... But it would take a lot of consistency and planning.

    A lot of dairies around here, though, are milking three times a day. Our dairy milks just twice a day, but for us, that's two 8-hour shifts!

  2. He is so cute!!!love tulip

  3. Pretty calf! Will he be raised as Steer or become someones Sire? The eye's stand out, Wonder if they will change as he gets older?