Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eleven year old winter scout camp

Spent the past weekend fighting the elements with our 11 year old scout troop. Hiked into a closed for the season provincial park and had the place all to ourselves.

The boys thrived and the leader survived. In the morning the boys were up trying to start the fire. Noodle and I stayed in our toasty warm sleeping bags until we heard the fire crackling. Boy its great to have such wonderful boys in our troop.

Here are some photos of the weekend adventure.


Here’s a look at the morning of a scout camp.

Eleven year old winter scout camp


Here we are Geocaching as a scout troop.


It was a great time. The boys say they’ve decided to go camping by themselves next weekend they had such a good time.

Hopefully their parents feel as confident as they do.

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