Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life without internet and phone

We are still without internet at our temporary digs so I am still working from Greybeard’s and Dancing queen’s place. We are also without a phone for a few days so if you need to get a hold of us send a homing pigeon or leave a message tied to the post out front of post office. I’m sure we’ll get it eventually.

I jokingly mentioned to Milly that maybe we should go without a phone for the next year but she didn’t seem too impressed with that idea. I guess some people need the fancy things in life to be happy. I suppose I knew I was marrying a girl with the taste for finer things in life such as running water and telecommunication devices at her beck and call.

I do kind of wonder what modern things we could go without and not really miss. Everyone sneers at us because we refuse to get a cell phone. What kind of modern things do you think are necessary or not?

I really think I could do without electricity if I didn’t have to work from home and I didn’t want to have any friends visit us.


  1. Cell phones have their place, but I think a lo of people could live without one, most teenagers for example. Modern things that I could love without? I can live without a microwave, a satellite dish, and probably a tv.

  2. That's funny. I don't have any of those. Maybe we are in the 19th century after all.

  3. We're totally with you Doug. We do have a microwave, though. But a tv!? nope. We don't have a cell phone either...

    But hey! It's great living a simpler life. I love it. My wife has always though of a cell phone as a ball and chain. It seems that if you have one, people demand that they can get ahold of you at any time. Not for me!

  4. I find that my gardening hobby is way for me to tap into the idea of a simpler life. It allows me to escape for a short while. I love technology though and working in IT has ramped up my dependency as well as my knowledge. I could probably last an evening without internet. But my husband would probably last 5 minutes. He is addicted to his MacBookPro - LOL!

  5. @Neal and Laura - My wife is a little annoyed at me as I haven't arranged a phone yet to be put into our place. That means we've been without a regular phone for two weeks now. Lots of people try to get ahold of us and it's kind of funny to say "we don't have a phone".

    @Rosie Tomato- I agree about the internet. I'm in IT as well and that is how I stay connected to the world. I'm guessing when Papi Tomato finaly retires for good he is going to go off grid and spend all his time with a wheel barrow and shovel. The wheel is probably modern enough for him. Ha.