Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving the chicken coop to a new pasture

I made waves in Glenwood yesterday when I took my cows for a walk.


Noodle took a picture of us as we went by and posted it on his facebook page. I guess it’s not every day you see someone moving cows like this. What do I know about moving cows. This is the best way I could think to go on a cattle drive. I drove the truck and my pets followed on a leash.

Well, tonight we moved the chicken coop to it’s new perch. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. We hooked it up to some chains and pulled it through the middle of town. Man am I glad I live in a place where people can see a chicken coop pulled by and everyone just waves and says “Look, there goes Doug and his coop.”

moving shed 001

Hooking up the coop to Greybeard’s truck.

moving shed 002

Ringo was a big help with the chains.

moving shed 003

Molly gets the best seat in the house.

moving shed 006

I guess other than the chickens that we left in the coop. When I pulled the coop off one chicken flew out from underneath. Milly thought I ran over the poor thing but it escaped in time.

moving shed 007

I hope Dancing Queen and Greybeard don’t look too closely at their lawn. It’s not too dug up but there are a few skid marks going right through their beloved lawn.

moving shed 009moving shed 010

Milly was taking pictures as I did all the heavy lifting. I don’t think she thought it would work.

moving shed 011

Looks like a pretty solid building. Way better than the cow barn I moved yesterday.

moving shed 012

Milly is taking pictures of us going down the road. You can see the skids scraping away. They were still mostly there when we made it to our new location.

moving shed 013moving shed 014moving shed 015

moving shed 016

Our building looks rather small compared to the sky scrapers in our little home town. But it’s a palace for all the chooks.

moving shed 017

I thought that since I made such a big spectacle yesterday I’d at least document it for everyone today.

Surely I can’t be the only uneducated city folk to take their cows for a walk and drag their chicken house through the middle of town.

Please tell me I’m not the only one in the world to do such silly things?


  1. I just checked out your blog. I wish I could live a simple farm life. But instead I live a hectic city life. Someday I will get there.

  2. I'm not sure what the simple farm life is. It seems like I live the hectic farm life. Hopefully someday I'll get to live the simple farm life.