Sunday, March 11, 2012

What does a cow ghost say?

Mooooooooooo. I thought that up while milking my cow tonight.

Just thought I’d share.

Here’s some pictures of my good friend Ferdinand. He is quite friendly and uses me as a scratching post while I milk Rosebud every night. He’s not as friendly to Ringo as Ringo tries to ride him whenever he can. Ringo chases him around and around the pasture in an attempt to perch on top. Ferdinand isn’t too impressed with him most of the time but he does seem to like to have a play mate occasionally.

new house 031


new house 035 Mmmmm. Your hand tastes like milk.

new house 034

Why are you soooooo close to me. Back up or I’ll Mooooo at you.

new house 033 new house 032  new house 030

That’s better.

new house 029

Where’s that dang kid? He always sneaks up on me.

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