Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby chick and potting plants

We had a surprise the other day when we looked in the Broody box. There was a baby chick in there when we didn’t think the eggs were going to hatch for another 5 days. We decided this one must have been in the box when we put the other 8 eggs in. I’m not convinced of that but I can’t think up another explanation.

potting plants 052

Milly and the kids decided it was time to get our garden plants started for the year. We dug up some dirt and found lots of containers to house the plants until the June timeframe.potting plants 054

It was a pretty big mess but when we are talking dirt it just doesn’t seem messy. potting plants 057

Molly spent the day with her hand in the dirt piling up cups so Milly could plant the starts.potting plants 059

We not have tomato’s, peppers, herbs of all sorts, broccoli, chives, etc. all ready to be transferred into our garden.potting plants 061

We cut out milk cartons to plant the tomato’s. We had to get donations for the milk jugs as we haven’t purchased a milk jug in so long we didn’t have any lying around.potting plants 062

Our window sill is filling up. Ringo has marigolds in the yellow flower pot. He saves Marigolds from year to year so he has lot of seeds to share. potting plants 063

Our first couple of tomato plants have buds on them already. We are lucky to have a good south facing window that gets lots of light.potting plants 064

Our coffee table has now been multitasked to be the plant table.

potting plants 066

I sure do like spring. Baby chicks and newly planted starts are a great was to make you feel summer is just around the corner.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More house work

We’ve had a good couple of weeks on our house. We’ve had a lot of little left over things to finish off and have finally got around to completing the jobs.

Here’s the completed gable end.

north eaves 006north eaves 020

So that means we can put the rest of the tin on our roof.north eaves 031

Milly wouldn’t let me put the tin on until she gave the porch roof a good cleaning. It’s a good thing I did. She probably would have been driven crazy knowing there was saw dust above her head while she sat on the porch.


Ringo helped screwing the tin on. Is it completely unwise to let a 7 year old up on the roof to help?north eaves 033

Looks good right? Still need to complete the porch as that looks like an eye sore.north eaves 036

North side of the house was still unfinished as well.north eaves 046

But we have been working on it like crazy. Should be done tomorrow.north eaves 051

Still have the vents to put in the porch and the remaining pine on the North porch roof. north eaves 053

Still have the West porch to go.

north eaves 049

I thought we had this place pigeon proof but just as we were leaving this little guy flew up and landed on his roost. We filled in the top pieces so am guessing we ruined his nightly safe haven.

north eaves 054

Still a lot to go but it’s coming together nicely. I’ve been saying this for about a year but we are hoping a few more months and we will be in this place.

north eaves 035

Monday, April 16, 2012

South eaves done

We spent the last day and a half working on something that 99% of the visitors to our house will never appreciate. We filled in our south eaves with 1x6 tongue and groove cedar and finished the cedar shake siding on the wall just above the logs.

Eaves 010

See what I mean. Can you even tell we’ve been working on this for a day and a half. Same looking house to me.Eaves 011

Boooooo. I don’t like working all day.Eaves 019

I’d rather jump in a garbage can.

Eaves 022

Here’s an up close look at the cedar shakes and eaves. I think it looks nice. We are going to let the cedar grey naturally instead of coating it with preservative. We like the coated look but are not too hot on chemicals. That’s what I’ve convinced Milly of. But really it’s because I don’t want to have to maintain the upkeep of it every few years. Yup, just call me lazy.

Eaves 001

I like working all day. As long as you take pictures of me.Eaves 021

The vents were cut out with hole saws on each side and then cut out to connect the holes. Not too fancy but they look pretty good.Eaves 002

We backed the vents with wire mesh to keep out bees and birds.Eaves 006

The cedar shakes are put on just like a regular roof. If you don’t know how to do a regular roof just imagine playing Solitaire. Same concept. Pile the shakes on top of each other in a straight line and try not to line up any cracks.Eaves 007

I can’t tell you how many times I bumped my head on this stupid overhang. I wish I was 4 ft 9.5 inches like Shorty.Eaves 008

It’s quite a relief to have the eaves on the south done. We go in the house and there isn’t a rushing wind going through the house any more. And maybe the pigeons will stop coming in the house and pooping on the loft floor.

Eaves 016

There goes the pigeon dad.

I said 99% of the people won’t appreciate the last day and a half of work we’ve done but maybe I’m wrong. I would guess a few of you would thank me so you don’t have to run for cover as the pigeons bomb away the house occupants with droppings of delight.  Just the North eaves to fill in and the house will be completely sealed in.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain water harvesting and Ferdinand the steer

Ringo decided to collect water off of our Broody Box. He got a whole pail full of water and fed it to the cows.

chicken and ferdie 004

He is also decked out with his swords so he could protect the chicken flock as he saw some suspicious canines roaming around the pasture.

chicken and ferdie 018

Ferdinand and Rosebud chomping on some grass after Ringo fed them the rain water he collected. I told Rosebud to smile and hold still and she winked at me. chicken and ferdie 016

Molly likes petting Ferdinand. He’s still nice to her and likes to get a good scratch under his chin from her.

chicken and ferdie 021

Ferdinand is a little shy of me these days. If you look closely at his male parts you can see they are a bit shrivelled. We waited a bit too long to do the deed but Ferdinand is now a steer. I don’t know if I’ll ever get on his good side again.

You should have seen the commotion when I tried to tackle Ferdinand and apply the rubber band. Milly was sitting on his head and Ringo was doing his best to hold his back legs. The applicator was meant for a wee smaller animal so it took a bit of effort to fit the needed parts into the restricting device.

Please don’t think less of me because I didn’t do it at birth. I wanted him to live a few days as a bull so he could always look back and say “those were the best days of my life.”

Chicken waterer frustrations finally solved

I swear I came up with this myself. I’m sure this is really how it’s supposed to be setup and I haven’t had the heart to Google this as I’d like to think I’m smart for just one night.

Our chickens keep on making a mess of their water and we (Milly) was tired of it. She charged me with finding a solution.

This is what I came up with.

chicken and ferdie 023

I pounded in three pegs into the ground around the outside of the chicken waterer. Those are my gum boots in case you were wondering.

chicken and ferdie 025

I blocked up the waterer with a few 2x4’s. The pegs are fairly snug against the waterer.

chicken and ferdie 031

Now the water is up high enough so the ladies don’t make a mess of things. I was pretty impressed with myself so I thought I’d share.

It’s the simple things in life I guess.chicken and ferdie 027

“Thank you for the clean water setup. I’m moulting and I just can’t stand it when the other chicks poop in my drinking water.”

chicken and ferdie 033

Here’s a picture of our Americauna rooter. We actually have a couple of roosters but I think this one rules the coop. We are thinking we need to get rid of our Dark Cornish rooster as things are just too crazy with both of them around. Anyone need a Dark Cornish Alpha male?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vent in East gable

We are slowly pecking away at our house but before I get to the house pictures here’s one of Polly.

garden roto 021

Here’s how we started the roto 005

Here’s where we got roto 018

Slow and steady hopefully will get us in roto 016

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Already Tilling the Garden

We already see green grass coming and it’s supposed to be 19 Celsius tomorrow so I’m not waiting to get some stuff in our garden this year. We didn’t plant until almost the end of June last year and the harvest suffered for it. We won’t plant everything but we’ll get the garlic and peas in hopefully tomorrow.

We are also going to expand our garden plot this year but are going to keep the ugly old fence up on this spot until we have time to merge the two. Probably a next year thing.

Jim 017

Ringo grabbed the camera and took some pictures of me rototilling. Jim 011

The old John Deer wasn’t running too quickly. I went over the plot about 4 times. We borrowed it from Greybeard. To start it up he shot some ether in some various places and it took off like a shot. But he said it won’t start back up again that great so I kept it running in the back up my truck as I hauled it down the 3 miles to our place. When I pulled it out of the truck it melted my coat as I touched the hot part of the motor against my side. Good thing the coat was a $2 coat from value village. A little tip if you are trying to be a farmer. Buy used coats from the good will. Mine get trashed to pieces every other month.

Jim 010

Penelope and her kids were out for a visit and was surprised to see me knee deep in dirt.

Jim 007

Here’s Ringo raking out old plants from last year.


Jim 025

My cousin came down from the big city with his kid and we showed him around the place. It was kind of funny to see his look on his face when I walked in with my “rubber boots”, camouflaged hat, and half melted coat. “Oh my gosh, you look like a farmer” was my how do you do from him. I supposed I looked rather ruff as I hadn’t shaved in a couple of weeks and I had hay and dirt all over me.

The kids made it to the top of the hay pile in no time. Jim 024

Taking pictures must run in the family. Here’s a picture of my cousin taking a picture of me.

Jim 019

I guess you’d say I look like a well dressed gardener. I’m not sure I’d go all out and say I look like a farmer.

Jim 027

Here are all the guys having a Man Meal so says Milly. T-bone and mashed potatoes. A meal fit for a farmer at least.