Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Already Tilling the Garden

We already see green grass coming and it’s supposed to be 19 Celsius tomorrow so I’m not waiting to get some stuff in our garden this year. We didn’t plant until almost the end of June last year and the harvest suffered for it. We won’t plant everything but we’ll get the garlic and peas in hopefully tomorrow.

We are also going to expand our garden plot this year but are going to keep the ugly old fence up on this spot until we have time to merge the two. Probably a next year thing.

Jim 017

Ringo grabbed the camera and took some pictures of me rototilling. Jim 011

The old John Deer wasn’t running too quickly. I went over the plot about 4 times. We borrowed it from Greybeard. To start it up he shot some ether in some various places and it took off like a shot. But he said it won’t start back up again that great so I kept it running in the back up my truck as I hauled it down the 3 miles to our place. When I pulled it out of the truck it melted my coat as I touched the hot part of the motor against my side. Good thing the coat was a $2 coat from value village. A little tip if you are trying to be a farmer. Buy used coats from the good will. Mine get trashed to pieces every other month.

Jim 010

Penelope and her kids were out for a visit and was surprised to see me knee deep in dirt.

Jim 007

Here’s Ringo raking out old plants from last year.


Jim 025

My cousin came down from the big city with his kid and we showed him around the place. It was kind of funny to see his look on his face when I walked in with my “rubber boots”, camouflaged hat, and half melted coat. “Oh my gosh, you look like a farmer” was my how do you do from him. I supposed I looked rather ruff as I hadn’t shaved in a couple of weeks and I had hay and dirt all over me.

The kids made it to the top of the hay pile in no time. Jim 024

Taking pictures must run in the family. Here’s a picture of my cousin taking a picture of me.

Jim 019

I guess you’d say I look like a well dressed gardener. I’m not sure I’d go all out and say I look like a farmer.

Jim 027

Here are all the guys having a Man Meal so says Milly. T-bone and mashed potatoes. A meal fit for a farmer at least.

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