Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby chick and potting plants

We had a surprise the other day when we looked in the Broody box. There was a baby chick in there when we didn’t think the eggs were going to hatch for another 5 days. We decided this one must have been in the box when we put the other 8 eggs in. I’m not convinced of that but I can’t think up another explanation.

potting plants 052

Milly and the kids decided it was time to get our garden plants started for the year. We dug up some dirt and found lots of containers to house the plants until the June timeframe.potting plants 054

It was a pretty big mess but when we are talking dirt it just doesn’t seem messy. potting plants 057

Molly spent the day with her hand in the dirt piling up cups so Milly could plant the starts.potting plants 059

We not have tomato’s, peppers, herbs of all sorts, broccoli, chives, etc. all ready to be transferred into our garden.potting plants 061

We cut out milk cartons to plant the tomato’s. We had to get donations for the milk jugs as we haven’t purchased a milk jug in so long we didn’t have any lying around.potting plants 062

Our window sill is filling up. Ringo has marigolds in the yellow flower pot. He saves Marigolds from year to year so he has lot of seeds to share. potting plants 063

Our first couple of tomato plants have buds on them already. We are lucky to have a good south facing window that gets lots of light.potting plants 064

Our coffee table has now been multitasked to be the plant table.

potting plants 066

I sure do like spring. Baby chicks and newly planted starts are a great was to make you feel summer is just around the corner.


  1. Your seedlings look great. And how fortunate to have such good helpers!

  2. Cute chick! And the kids and I just did the same thing this week. Love that. :)