Thursday, April 5, 2012

Broody box

One of our hens has been broody for the last couple of weeks so we decided to make her a room of her very own.

We hear in many modern day chickens the broody instinct has been bred out of the poor little dears. We are hoping to get some chicks out of the situation.

We started with some plywood and cut out the pieces as so.

Ned's house 027

Really it was just the piece on the top left and the one on the bottom.

Ned's house 026

The chicken is shown below. Opps, that’s not the right bird.

Ned's house 050

We put a screen on the bottom so the chicken can do her business and we don’t have to mess too much around with it.

Ned's house 052

Snug little home don’t you think?

Ned's house 048

In a few weeks we hope to have some little chickidees running around.

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  1. It's great! I wish I'd had something like that last summer for my broody hen. She did good though and we loved having home hatched chicks.