Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chicken waterer frustrations finally solved

I swear I came up with this myself. I’m sure this is really how it’s supposed to be setup and I haven’t had the heart to Google this as I’d like to think I’m smart for just one night.

Our chickens keep on making a mess of their water and we (Milly) was tired of it. She charged me with finding a solution.

This is what I came up with.

chicken and ferdie 023

I pounded in three pegs into the ground around the outside of the chicken waterer. Those are my gum boots in case you were wondering.

chicken and ferdie 025

I blocked up the waterer with a few 2x4’s. The pegs are fairly snug against the waterer.

chicken and ferdie 031

Now the water is up high enough so the ladies don’t make a mess of things. I was pretty impressed with myself so I thought I’d share.

It’s the simple things in life I guess.chicken and ferdie 027

“Thank you for the clean water setup. I’m moulting and I just can’t stand it when the other chicks poop in my drinking water.”

chicken and ferdie 033

Here’s a picture of our Americauna rooter. We actually have a couple of roosters but I think this one rules the coop. We are thinking we need to get rid of our Dark Cornish rooster as things are just too crazy with both of them around. Anyone need a Dark Cornish Alpha male?


  1. You are right on the rooster idea. There should only be 1 rooster to rule the roost. Unless you have thousands of hens, but I doubt that.

  2. I got the same idea just a couple days ago! But my design was different... a couple old feeders lying on their backs plus a wide plastic piece has lifted my chicken water up about 7 inches. And what a difference!