Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain water harvesting and Ferdinand the steer

Ringo decided to collect water off of our Broody Box. He got a whole pail full of water and fed it to the cows.

chicken and ferdie 004

He is also decked out with his swords so he could protect the chicken flock as he saw some suspicious canines roaming around the pasture.

chicken and ferdie 018

Ferdinand and Rosebud chomping on some grass after Ringo fed them the rain water he collected. I told Rosebud to smile and hold still and she winked at me. chicken and ferdie 016

Molly likes petting Ferdinand. He’s still nice to her and likes to get a good scratch under his chin from her.

chicken and ferdie 021

Ferdinand is a little shy of me these days. If you look closely at his male parts you can see they are a bit shrivelled. We waited a bit too long to do the deed but Ferdinand is now a steer. I don’t know if I’ll ever get on his good side again.

You should have seen the commotion when I tried to tackle Ferdinand and apply the rubber band. Milly was sitting on his head and Ringo was doing his best to hold his back legs. The applicator was meant for a wee smaller animal so it took a bit of effort to fit the needed parts into the restricting device.

Please don’t think less of me because I didn’t do it at birth. I wanted him to live a few days as a bull so he could always look back and say “those were the best days of my life.”

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