Monday, April 16, 2012

South eaves done

We spent the last day and a half working on something that 99% of the visitors to our house will never appreciate. We filled in our south eaves with 1x6 tongue and groove cedar and finished the cedar shake siding on the wall just above the logs.

Eaves 010

See what I mean. Can you even tell we’ve been working on this for a day and a half. Same looking house to me.Eaves 011

Boooooo. I don’t like working all day.Eaves 019

I’d rather jump in a garbage can.

Eaves 022

Here’s an up close look at the cedar shakes and eaves. I think it looks nice. We are going to let the cedar grey naturally instead of coating it with preservative. We like the coated look but are not too hot on chemicals. That’s what I’ve convinced Milly of. But really it’s because I don’t want to have to maintain the upkeep of it every few years. Yup, just call me lazy.

Eaves 001

I like working all day. As long as you take pictures of me.Eaves 021

The vents were cut out with hole saws on each side and then cut out to connect the holes. Not too fancy but they look pretty good.Eaves 002

We backed the vents with wire mesh to keep out bees and birds.Eaves 006

The cedar shakes are put on just like a regular roof. If you don’t know how to do a regular roof just imagine playing Solitaire. Same concept. Pile the shakes on top of each other in a straight line and try not to line up any cracks.Eaves 007

I can’t tell you how many times I bumped my head on this stupid overhang. I wish I was 4 ft 9.5 inches like Shorty.Eaves 008

It’s quite a relief to have the eaves on the south done. We go in the house and there isn’t a rushing wind going through the house any more. And maybe the pigeons will stop coming in the house and pooping on the loft floor.

Eaves 016

There goes the pigeon dad.

I said 99% of the people won’t appreciate the last day and a half of work we’ve done but maybe I’m wrong. I would guess a few of you would thank me so you don’t have to run for cover as the pigeons bomb away the house occupants with droppings of delight.  Just the North eaves to fill in and the house will be completely sealed in.


  1. Such a beautiful Cabin! It looks like you have some great helpers, I bet they get a lot do with you!

  2. What great progress! It's coming along beautifully. You will enjoy it so much.