Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things you don’t see every day

I was looking through some of the pictures on my camera from this past week and I thought several times “you don’t see that every day.” So I decided to share some of them with you.

Ned's house 011

Dancing Queen and Grey beard went all over creation to find the handy dandy contraption shown above. They swore it was quite common in their day to have a butter churn like this one. It’s quite sturdy and does up to 2 quarts of cream. The person selling this one was selling it as an antique. I’m too practical for that. We are actually using it to make butter. Go figure. Do any of  you have any antiques I can put to good use?

Ned's house 059

I was out milking my cow when a couple of neighbours rode up on their horses and started stretching their horses legs  on the empty lot next to ours. That may sound normal but if you add the fact that we are less than one block off of our enormous metropolis’s main street I would guess that doesn’t happen every day. Ned's house 057

They even had the dog out running.

Ned's house 003

I’m hoping my kids are not the only one that climbs walls.

Ned's house 008

Ya, that’s green hair.

Ned's house 005

Ringo playing Risk, by himself. He played game after game and decided the red guys won most of the time.

camp 035

One more of Ringo. He’s very modest. I don’t think the towel is quite big enough anymore.

new house 040

One last one. We are dishwasher-less. We now have five dishwashers.

There you go. Things you don’t see everyday.


  1. LOL. Love! the climbing the walls shot.

    Love your butter churn too, actually I'm quite envious. I used to have one but through numerous moves it had to be left behind. I could really use it now, and you bring up a good point. Around here all the useful tools I'm looking for are being sold as "antiques" or "vintage" items at premium prices. I always wonder how well those items sell, priced like that.

    1. That butter churn was bought for $85. Originally it sold for $8. But it was the best one my inlaws found while looking around for quite a while.

  2. Hello,
    I came across your site and think your burgeoning house is incredible! And I too have a glass butter churn. It lived in our attic for YEARS and as a little kid I thought there was something missing...figured out just last year (!)that it attaches to an old Sunbeam mixer! (which I also have). too cool.

  3. Lucky you Iowagirl. Do you have cows milk to make butter as well?

  4. The only time I have my cows' milk is when I must hand milk for colostrum if a baby isn't sucking. I have beef cows!

    My son does work for a dairy before or after school and fresh whole milk is available.

    It is COLD here today and going to rain the next 4-5 days. We are trying to get the corn in the ground. The garden is waiting patiently....