Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Common sayings that finally make sense

Looks like out of eight eggs only four hatched. I guess that is where the old saying of “don’t count your chickens before there hatched” comes from.

When you have animals a lot of the old sayings really start to make sense.

“No use in crying over spilt milk” (today Ferdinand kicked over the bucket today and spilt most of the milk.)

Speaking of that “kick the bucket.” I read in the book Keeping a Family Cow that the author thought that saying was when a cow kicked the bucket one to many times and they went out and shot the cow. Like in, “He was a grumpy cow and kicked the bucket so we had to get rid of him.”

Chicken Legs, chicken liver, birds of a feather, mad as a wet hen, cock in a hen house, which came first the chicken or the egg, all make perfect sense now and when I hear them I have a very distinct image in my mind as to what each means.

What common sayings come to your mind in relation to your animals?

new chicks 052

The newbie arrivals checking the place out.

new chicks 053

The bigger one is the one we hatched 5 days back. The mother hen accepted him back luckily. We hear that doesn’t always happen so we kept a close eye on it for a few hours so she didn’t “peck him to death.”new chicks 054

Here’s momma “gathering her chicks under her wing.”new chicks 055She’s building her nest and calling for the chicks to come and get warm. She also goes to where the food is and clucks like a “big ole momma hen.”new chicks 057

Two little “fuzz balls” trying to get warm.new chicks 048

Here she is “puffing out her chest” as I try to check things out.

We are trying to keep her happy because we all know “when momma ain’t happy, ain’t know one happy.”


  1. I am fond of "You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats." - Colonial Proverb. I always make friends with the neighborhood cats and encourage them to hang out in my yard - they kill my vermin for me!

  2. I'm really good friends with Papi Tomato. Does that mean I'll be really lucky?

    1. Ha, ha! Unfortunately Papi does not qualify as a cat. If he were to chose a spirit animal, the cat would not make the list. In your situation, chickens and cats do not mix - there would be feathers and blood every where!

  3. Actually, "kicked the bucket" is a euphemism for committing suicide. When things got tough, a suicidal farmer would be hanging and kick the bucket out from underneath. lovely, huh.

    On a happier note, I've always liked "he's all hat"....meaning he is full of hot air, lots of talk and has a big head!! ha.

  4. Then there is "he bought the farm".