Friday, May 4, 2012

Framing the walls in a log house

We finally started framing the walls in our log house. We couldn’t start framing until the loft floor was done. The floor is not done but it’s done enough for us to frame the downstairs walls.

We had a professional inspector making sure we were doing things right. She didn’t like the noise involved so she wore ear protectors. I’m not sure why Polly likes those green gum boots so well but she wears them everywhere.

framing 001

I tried to get a picture of her from the front but she must have known I was going to use it as a blackmail photo when she got older so she ran away.

framing 015When framing the walls for a log home shrinkage and settling has to be taken into consideration. As you can see there is a plate just below the loft floor and hardwood dowels are used to hold the wall in place at the top. We left about two and a half inches from the top of the loft just in case the logs settle over the years.

framing 014This is the wall that will be next to the stair case going up to the loft. We are going to attempt to use clay plaster to cover the walls. I say attempt as we’ve never done it before but how hard can it be right?framing 013An up close view of the dowels attached to the plate at the top. The walls are pretty solid doing this believe it or not.framing 012

We planed the logs next to the walls so it won’t be as tough when Milly puts me to work this winter planing the rest of the inside walls.

framing 002 I tried to get out of doing this wall as it’s in our closet in our bedroom. You can see who won that conversation. Took me two hours to do that silly little amount of the wall. framing 011

Here is the closet wall floor plates going in. With Milly around we were within millimeters of the house plan. If you look really close you can see that little stubby piece being out just a fraction. I was told the house would feel off balance if I left it like that so of course I fixed it.

And believe it or not we did pass the inspection from our previously discussed inspector at the end of the day. Of course it could be because we bribed her with raisins and peanuts throughout the day.