Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Katinka the Komondor dog

I finally remembered to bring my camera home from the house so could upload pictures of our new dog.

As you can see, she is fluffy. The girls like her because she is so soft.

Tinka 091

Ringo just like her because she’s a dog.Tinka 075Poor Tinka has been getting a little too much attention. She has been a little shy of everything. I can only assume she has been shy as she’s been the perfectly behaved dog anyone could ask for. I’ve only heard her make a commotion once and that was when she touched the electric fence with her nose. So you can’t really blame her for that. Tinka 074

Molly has taken a special fondness to Tinka.Tinka 082

On Molly’s turn with Tinka you can see she headed off for the hills. Tinka did some exploring and Molly made sure she didn’t leave the property.Tinka 086 I’m sure we’ve seen the cleanest part of Tinka for many months. It’s muddy and rainy and she is already covered in dirt. Tinka 088 As you can tell, she likes being dirty. I told Ringo I’m surprised she’s a girl because she smells like a little boy I know that doesn’t like to take baths.Tinka 090After a bunch of attention Tinka headed for the bales and found some seclusion. Tinka 094 She’s a big dog already. She’s about 60 lbs and she’s 6 months old. She’s supposed to get to 100 lbs or so. I better make friends with her when she’s young so she won’t eat me whole when she gets bigger.

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  1. Tinka is beautiful. I have not had a dog since I was a kid, a very long time ago. I hope to get a dog this summer. I need a dog to take me for walks in the morning instead of sleeping in.