Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our little Picasso’s

I’m not sure how talented my kids are but I can tell you one thing. They love to paint. I have a whole collection of their paintings as they always come into my office and share with me their works of art.

framing 073

Polly spilled about a gallon of water as she refreshed her water cup. Hard to get mad at such a sweetheart.framing 065

They all look in their element don’t they?framing 066

We start them off young mixing colors and painting on used printer paper.framing 067

Ringo really liked the art pallet. framing 068

Polly mixed the paint and then washed it out immediately so she could mix up more colors.framing 069

Molly is a fantastic artist. She really likes it. Check out her Picasso-esq. type painting on the table. framing 070 Here Polly actually got her paint on the paper.framing 071

Glad to see my Microsoft conference shirts are good for something.

We may not see fame and fortune come from our kids paintings but I sure like to see them having fun at home.

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