Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random house building pictures

Just an update on our progress. Framing is underway in the loft. Hopefully plumbing and electricity will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

loft framing 014loft framing 003loft framing 007loft framing 008loft framing 009loft framing 010loft framing 011

For Molly’s 5th birthday we framed in her room in the loft. How’s that for a present?

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  1. It is looking GREAT! I hope you, Milly and the kids get to a point where you can appreciate everything you are 'getting' to learn about designing and building! (I seem to remember framing together on a 'man-cave' garage conversion across the street from Bishop's in Kalispell.)
    It's good to hear Milly is 'encouraging' you to follow the plan that was so painstakingly put together!
    You know who this is, so I will remain anonymous to anyone else.