Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Simple Farm adds a dog to guard the flock

It’s funny how things happen. We have wanted a dog for the past several years and have swore we were going to get a dog when we got down to the land officially. I guess fate has pushed us forward into the dog owning business as Lightning and Sunshine, the famous couple that sold us Rosebud the cow, decided they needed to move their newly acquired Komondor dog they had just purchased seven months ago.

I’ve been looking for the right kind of dog and have researched the Komondor dog. I even looked to see the closest registered breeder of the famous Hungarian breed and only could find a few scattered around the country, all many hills and dales away.

When we were offered the dog it was like a Christmas gift several months early. We are a few months away still from getting down to our place but we decided the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog would likely not come around again for us.

Lucy, another friend of The Simple Farm came by to chat this weekend and we found out she was a true blue dog professional. She gave us some pointers such as “If the dog misbehaves, roll up a newspaper and hit yourself as it will probably be your fault anyways.” Milly liked that advice and started rolling up the newspaper right away so she could hit me whenever the dog gets out of line.

Lucy also gifted us with a sturdy dog house. It looked like the below.

dog house 032dog house 033One nice thing about building a house is all the scraps we have laying around. I applied a few scrap shingles and some cedar scraps and turned it into this.

dog house 037dog house 036dog house 038

I thought about applying shingles to the Toyota but decided I like the way it looks just the way it house 039

I’m hoping Lucy doesn’t want the dog house back right away as I like the way it turned out. We hear the dog doesn’t usually sleep in a dog house anyways but it will be nice to have in case I need a place to stay.

Although, Milly was quite pleased with the way this turned out and actually put away the newspaper and said “good boy.” Looks like I won’t be in the dog house at least for tonight.

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