Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smells Like Money

We had a big to do list this weekend but ended up spending all our time cleaning up our manure pile accumulated over the winter from Rosebud and Monkey. The land we were using was Milly’s uncles and aunts and we wanted to make sure we had the place looking presentable in case they came to check on it over the summer.

The pasture I fenced in was fairly small and I tore the fence down while Milly started shoveling.

father and sons camp 062

Doesn’t look like that big of a pile right?father and sons camp 065

I’m not sure if any of you have figured out how much I love my wife. Just watching this from a distance made me realize how unique and wonderful she is. As she was shoveling manure she mentioned it doesn’t even stink and smelled a lot like dirt. She was giddy at the composting prospects for our garden.

What a great attitude. For those of you shoveling your way through some deep stuff just think that in a year or two you’ll have some great fertilizer for your fabulous garden.

father and sons camp 059

I think I got the better end of the deal. I tore down the above fence.


father and sons camp 072

And I only had to unload the pile of manure. It actually ended up to be 3 piles of manure just like the above.

In the good old days Grey beard said he used to get paid a $1.50 a load to clean out someone’s manure pile. He could shovel around 7 or 8 loads a day. Big money.

I offered him a $1.50 a load to clean out my manure pile but he said he’s done his fair share of shoveling xxxx (modified for family friendly readers) and it looks to be my turn.

I was surprised at the smell expelled. The manure pile heaped up nice and tall smelled like dirt when shoveling. The wonders of composting very evident. The manure trampled on around the feeding area was only about 6 inches deep. When digging up and loading that stuff it smelled like a freezer full of rotten meat that has been sitting over summer without being plugged in. Of course I was elected to dawn the gum boots and PHD (pile it higher and deeper).

Good thing there was a stiff west wind where I could stand to the west and ease my way in.

Ringo came over and mentioned a smell he was sniffing and wondered if something was wrong over near us. He only came half way over as he couldn’t quite get close enough due to the horrid smell.

I mentioned to Greybeard that the smell was fairly rancid and he just sniffed and said “Smells like money”. father and sons camp 074 After loading up the piles I dumped them in a ravine on our land. We are hoping it will compost into nice soil for our garden for future years.

After the fence was tore down and the piles were loaded we borrowed a harrow from a neighbor and hitched it up to Greybeards garden tractor. father and sons camp 075 father and sons camp 077Milly rode around in comfort breaking up all the cow pie on the acre of land we used last summer while I unloaded the last load of manure. I’m not sure how the division of jobs end up like they do but I’m willing to do whatever as long as I get to spend time with Milly.

I’m not sure if this was the most romantic mother’s day weekend we’ve ever had but I sure am glad I have a wife that will accept wild flowers and compost as an acceptable mother’s day gift.

Happy mothers day to all you mothers out there.

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