Saturday, June 30, 2012

More planing of log walls and window finishing

Lots of work ahead of us. We decided to plane all the logs on the inside of the structure so we can finish both the window trim and logs at the same time.

walls 022

The cracks are the hard part. It takes a tremendous amount of time to get all the grey cut out where the logs meet.walls 017

The logs plane up really nice leaving the grey in the cracking. We think it adds character so are going to leave it. I don’t know if we’d have much choice anyways.walls 015walls 012This is the biggest wall. walls 011walls 008Our log builder made our window sills out of 2x8 spruce lumber. We are hoping it’s not too soft but right now we like the look.walls 007walls 003

Lots of saw dust comes from planing. We’ve had bags and bags of it. walls 026I imagine we’ll have bags and bags more. Anyone need some saw dust and wood shavings. I know where you can get some if you want to do a little planing to get it. ha.

Happy Canada Day weekend.

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  1. It looks like you missed a spot! *chuckling*