Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sorry looking garden

We try hard but don’t always get the desired results. Check out our sorry garden for instance. It’s been in the ground for several weeks now and this is all we have for potatoes.

dog in truck 013

The other stuff is kind of making it’s way but I think the quack grass is just as big as the peas. And the carrots didn’t come up so we’ll have to replant those. dog in truck 015

At least the 30 trees and berry bushes we planted this past weekend are still alive.

dog in truck 020

I keep telling myself it’s only June but it’s hard to not be concerned when there is only a 4 month growing season.

Next year we’ll have to extend the growing season with a greenhouse or something.

Even if our garden isn’t growing all that well we still like doing it. Tinka likes coming along for the ride down to our place. She stands up the whole way and lets the wind blow through her hair.dog in truck 022

Kind of like Molly as she shoots her hair to the clouds. dog in truck 007

Molly touched the sun today she said. I asked her how it felt and she said “Hot”. So there you have it. The sun is hot.dog in truck 008

We may not be able to grow that great of a garden but we sure do know how to grow cute kids. ha.

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  1. Definitely cute. I don't think your garden looks all that bad. It's been a tough couple of years for quite a few of us. Those grasses too, really have a way of discouraging us gardeners.