Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly update – Trees, grey water, and ice cream

It rained, drizzled, blew fiercely, and then sun came out, but was an all round ok weekend. We actually mowed the grass (more an assortment of dandelions, buck brush, stink weeds, yarrow, buffalo beans, etc.) I’ve been rebelling with the thought of having to mow my lawn. I’d rather it be more natural but don’t have a goat and I don’t feel like shoveling cow pies off my front yard so guess I’ll have to succumb to mowing the dang thing. What a waste of good grass.

Tinka 059The sky is always so great hear. It seems alive. It’s one of the best parts of where we live. Molly is practicing being a model on our favorite rock. She likes pink but it was cold so had pant on underneath as well.

Speaking of farm fashion.Tinka 055Ringo found Molly’s sweater and decided to use it while feeding the chicken in the morning.Tinka 056

He Realized I was taking picture of his pink sweater too late.Tinka 057

I never knew he was fashion conscience until he said, “Dad, you can’t put this on the blog!”

We have trees coming and berry bushes to plant. Hopefully we can get them in place so I can start on our distribution system for grey water.

I talked with a guy around here that has been doing grey water in his house since the mid nineties. He does it all year round and hasn’t had any problem with freezing. It gave us hope that it is possible. It was also nice to find a like minded person instead of having the usual snicker and eyes rolling from anyone that finds out how weird we are.

Tinka 005

We have a nice ice cream shop around here that is run by our village. It opens May long weekend and is open until September. Here is us enjoying the first ice cream of the summer. We buy the fifty cent baby cones so we can go often as our whole family can go for two dollars and fifty cents. It’s a nice treat after a hard days work.

If anyone wants to come out to mow my lawn I’ll take you out for ice cream after. I may even buy you a kiddie cone instead of the baby size.

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