Tuesday, July 24, 2012

There are trees on the prairie

I know most of my pictures don’t show a tree in sight but if you look really carefully you can see far off clumps of trees off in the distance.

stairs 019

We snuck down to the river bottom and were surrounded by trees. I told you there were trees around here. stairs 017

We’ve been picking Saskatoon berries this past couple of weeks which are usually found in the river bottom.

stairs 016

I think it’s sad that you can see my belly when I take a shot of the milk bucket I am using for my berry bucket. Alas, that’s what happens when one eats all the berries instead of putting them in the bucket.stairs 021

Back to the treeless upper world. Our garden is coming along. This is the first time I ever remember growing good lettuce. Too bad the tomatoes are non-existent once again this year.

We have grand designs of planting 1000’s of trees but in the mean time we are settling for our occasional romp in the river bottom until we get time to do the tree planting properly.


  1. The garden looks good. Do you sell any of the vegetables at a farmer's market, or does you family eat all of it?

  2. It's too hard to grow things here to just turn around and sell it to anyone else. We eat it all or save it for winter.