Friday, August 31, 2012

Smashed Toematoe

Papi Tomato, my one and only blogging fan, I’m sorry for the serious neglect and non-information on our activities this summer. How about I write this post dedicated to you. Will that make you forgive me?

We have been working until midnight most nights as we have a hard move deadline of October 1st this year so the blog has taken a back burner for a few weeks as we try to get as much done as we can before the big day.

October 1st we are moving no matter what the state of our house which means we could be without hot water for a while but by dang it’s going to happen. We had an October 1st deadline last year as well so it would be nice if we were only a year late.

Milly has even sort of agreed and made the announcement to our current landlord that we are moving. I guess the day is set.

The kids wanted to do it this weekend and I was tempted but decided one more month of all out exhaustion would get us farther along than spending a month making temporary arrangements.

I have a bunch of stuff to post but maybe I’ll spread it out as I started selecting all the pictures I was going to share and it ended up being around 50 or so.

How about settling for a few gross pictures of Polly’s smashed toe.

summer 2012 023

Maybe that can be a new name for one of your tomatoes Papi: “Smashed Toematoe”

summer 2012 022

Milly was with the kiddies at a local hardware store when 3 four inch newel posts crashed down and one landed smack on the big toe of little Polly. Milly said it looked like what a tomato would look like if thrown against a brick wall. Nothing was left. Milly ran out of the store and headed to the hospital. The doctor on call looked at it and called an orthopaedic surgeon, who then called a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon sewed it all together and now it looks like a toe, albeit a pretty sore toe. It’s fractured in a couple of places and the poor little dear can’t put any pressure on it for 3 weeks. One week down and two to go. The nail is just a protection piece as it wasn’t attached at all when the doctor started his duties. In time he thinks it might regenerate but no promises.summer 2012 021summer 2012 018

The green goop is a salve infused with a bunch of local herbs, weeds, snake oil, and spit. Just kidding about the SO and spit. The salve is actually really amazing stuff.

Milly learned from a local medicine woman how to infuse things like plantain, mullein, chickweed, Yarrow, sage, red clover, etc. into olive oil and then mix bees wax or some sort of thickener so it turns into a healing salve. It works wonderfully.

There are a lot of anecdotal stories around these parts about this famous salve. We don’t go anywhere without it now. Scratches, bruises, sprains, and various other ailments get a thick dose and the injury is gone in seconds (well a few days anyways.)

We’ll let you know how the toe goes. The doctor is very impressed with how well the toe is healing. Of course Milly wiped off all the goop before we went into the doctors office so he thinks the toe looks so wonderful because of his great skill and craftsmanship as a surgeon. ha.

So Papi, I know I still owe you a lot of posts to catch you up on things but have you ever had a blog post dedicated to you before. Make sure you let your lovely wife know how famous you are now.

And I’m expecting a return post as you rename one of your famous tomatoes in honour of Poor Polly’s Smashed Toematoe.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Building stairs and finishing with Tung Oil

Everywhere in our house is wood and we really need to finish it so it washes up easily and doesn’t need to be planned again. It’s been a major pain to plane but we are only a few small walls away from being done.

We have been researching what the best product is to finish the massive amount of wood we have in our log house and I think we (Milly) has decided on Tung Oil mixed with a citrus thinner. It’s supposed to be less toxic and doesn’t turn yellow over time. It kind of has a golden color to it but it keeps the wood fairly close to the original color.

We are going to apply it to our stairs (we are hoping the treads are ok with this treatment as they will have a lot of traffic on them) and the log walls and window trim.

We built the basement stairs out of 2x12’s but they sanded up really  nice and look great with the Tung oil applied.

stairs 003

We cut out, routered the edges, and sanded the treads.stairs 004

We used a stair calculator online and it gave us all the measurements to make our stairwell even. It’s a bit steeper than normal as we needed to cut out a step as the run is smaller than normal to give more room upstairs.stairs 010

We closed in the stairs with good one side plywood. The plywood was attached before the treads were screwed down.stairs 012

You can kind of see the predrilled holes for the screws on the picture below.stairs 013

We then plugged the wholes and applied the Tung oil.

stairs 023

To apply Tung oil we mixed the oil with the Citrus solvent on a one to one ratio. We applied three coats the first day after letting the oil sit for around an hour in between. We then wiped off the oil and let sit overnight. We then applied another two coats the next day and are letting the stairs sit for week before calling walking on them.

As soon as the stairs are cured we plan on calling in the electrician to do his thing. We have railing being built and the basement frost walls being framed in. It feels like we are getting close but we still have a good couple of months before we are ready to move in.