Thursday, September 13, 2012

What do you do for a living?

I’ve been away on business the past couple of days and had full intentions to get caught up on our activities but ended up sleeping most of my flights as I had a 6 am flight out of the closest airport which means I was up and out at 2 am. Boy do I miss living 8 minutes away from the airport.

I wrote a silly blog about what I do at my job. Check out my work blog if you like to see what I kind of do at my company.

The post doesn’t really tell what I do but it’s more detailed than what most people think I do. Around where I live I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m unemployed, hang out in my PJ’s and play on the computer all day, and never shave. All of the above is true except the unemployed part. I am employed and work regular hours I just do it from home. 

Not everyone likes the idea of working from home but it has been a great blessing in our lives over the past several years. I have skipped out of many hours of commuting to work (the times when I most question what I’m doing with my life as I sit surrounded by thousands of other people all fighting to get home).

Working from home I have also gained a much greater appreciation for Milly as I often escape to my office to hide from the screaming, fighting and chaotic escapades of our three kids. Going to work is easy compared to the alternative.

We also have the freedom to move wherever we want. In the past eight years we have moved eight times. As long as I have a computer and internet no one really knows I’m working in the deep freeze room surrounded by unpacked boxes and temporary shelving.

I do have a fancy title that I’ve made up for what I do at work but I’ve come to the point that when people ask what I do for a living I simply give the answer “I work from home.” That really sums it all up.


  1. I think it's a real blessing that you can work from home. I know your family thinks so too! I wish Dan could, but he drives a big truck. Maybe someday they'll invent realtime virtual driving, LOL

  2. Does retirement qualify as working from home? It does involve quite a bit of manual labor such as riding my bike and lugging my surf board around.