Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guess we didn’t make it before snow flies

We were hoping to get into our house before snow was upon us but as you can see below, we fell short of our goal.

snow 070

At least we have insulation in the place.snow 029

The place looks a whole lot cosier being closed in. I guess I expected that to happen when the walls came up and we couldn’t see to the top of the rafters.

snow 045

I’m proud to say I did the scribing on the dry wall next to the logs. We are going to put clay plaster on the walls so any cracks should be filled.

I should discuss our choice of putting drywall on the walls. Originally we were going to put clay straw walls in the place but were convince otherwise after discussing how hard and labor intensive doing that method is with someone that actually did it. It was all we  could do to not feel like we were compromising ethics with the use of drywall. Alas, we faltered and justified this choice as we are going to cover the walls with clay plaster. Hopefully that covers up the drywall smell and gives us a more natural look again.

snow 044

Temporary reclaimed cabinets we got out of Doc’s office. We stored them a quonset for about a year but it was really nice to have something to put in until we can get around to getting a more permanent solution.

roof and drywall 010

The kitchen is taking form with more reclaimed cabinetry.

snow 042

We couldn’t find a piece that fit the kitchen that well. Nothing fancy but still functional.

snow 061

We are putting tongue and groove cedar on the ceilings. My pictures look faded but the cedar looks pretty nice in person. We’d love to show it off to anyone. Of course if you come to look we’ll put you right to work so only come if you don’t mind free cedar installation training.


  1. I know there's probably some disappointment here, but it really is coming along beautifully. So much better to be patient and get it done right. You will so enjoy your new home. Can't wait for the grand opening tour.

  2. Ok I just figured out who you are! We are related in some way! I am Speedy and Sunflower's niece. Sunflower is my mother's sister! So we will have to get together for sure and discuss! heres my email address:

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